Microblading FAQ’s

What Is Eyebrow Microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is the art of creating fuller thicker eyebrows through the use if a manual tattooing technique. The process involves the application of detailed, fine lines on the eyebrow area that effectively mimic the natural color and fine hairs that form the eyebrow.

First, a fine scalpel or blade is used to make fine, microstroking incisions on the skin in a shape and form that has been predetermined by the microblading specialist and the client. Next, ink or dye is placed on the area that effectively soaks into the tiny incisions, creating a tattoo.

The brow microstroking tattoos are semi-permanent which means that while they won’t wash away easily, they will only last around 6 months before a reapplication becomes necessary. It is recommended not to get the eyebrow area wet for a couple of days after the procedure to ensure that the ink has a chance to settle and that it remains for longer.

This means no washing the area or performing exercise or other activities that could cause sweating. Application of a gel cream and topical ointment will promote healing and prevent infection after the procedure. Some scabbing is to be expected but the tattooed area should heal entirely after just a few days post brow microblading.

Who Can Benefit From Microblading?

Whether you simply want thicker, fuller eyebrows or are tired of having to use pencils and other fillers as part of your regular makeup routine, eyebrow embroidery can benefit you. It is also a very effective solution for those who have very light, thin or patchy eyebrows.

Persons suffering from hair loss conditions such as Alopecia or a side effect from cancer treatments like chemotherapy can also have their eyebrows fully restored using this technique. Microblading or brow embroidery looks far more natural than other forms of recreating eyebrows due to the fine detailed microstroking lines that the specialist is able to create using the manual technique.

Microblading Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microblading Eyebrows Painful?

You should barely feel the incisions being made. However, this does depend on how each individual deals with pain. An anesthetic (numbing) cream can be applied before the procedure to minimize any discomfort.

How Safe Is Brow Microstroking?

The procedure should always be performed by a professional in hygienic environment using sterile instruments. Infection can result from not using clean and hygienic equipment. Bleeding can occur and it is best to take steps to minimize this by refraining from consuming alcohol or using and blood thinning medication at least 72 hours before the procedure. Microblading/eyebrow embriodery is not considered to be safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women or for diabetics.

How Often Can The Brow Embroidery Procedure Be Performed?

The semi-permanent tattoo can last anywhere from one to three years if it is professionally applied and the optimal care instructions are followed. However, fading can start after just a few weeks. While it is considered safe to have a reapplication after just one month, it is recommended not to have microstroking performed too often.

What Happens If I Am Unhappy With The Results?

Because the technique is semi-permanent, the tattoos should begin fading over time and disappear entirely on their own. Simply washing the area directly after the procedure can speed up the process. The use of product containing salicylic acid will also help fade the tattoo faster. Scrubbing and using peroxide may also be effective at removing eyebrow microblading.

In extreme cases, laser tattoo removal is an option but this can be extremely painful and dangerous when performed near the eye area. It is best to wait for the tattoo to fade naturally or ensure that you have the procedure professionally performed to avoid unsatisfactory results. Talk to your brow microstroking technician about your expectations.

What Precaution Should Be Taken After Application?

It is best not to touch the area directly after application. This will help prevent infection. Most importantly, do not get the area wet in any way, preferably until it has healed entirely. Do not pick at the scabs or skin flakes, rather use a cream to soothe the itching. Avoid sunlight and use a sunscreen if necessary for at least 10 days after the eyebrow emroidery procedure. UV rays can speed up the fading process so sunscreen on the brows is recommended for longer lasting effects.

How Much Does Eyebrow Microblading Cost?

On average, one brow embroidery session costs around $350 – $550. However, you can end up paying as much as $1,000 for a specialist technician who is highly skilled an experienced. Considering that the tattoo should last longer than a year, this cost actually provides great value for money. Please visit here to find our our microblading prices.

It is also important to keep in mind that it might take some time to get accustomed to your new brow embroidery. While they may appear very dark and full immediately after application, this will fade to result in a more natural look after just a few days.